Bad Grades: A Blasian Novella

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A curvy, Blasian professor with anxiety… and a psychic student determined to love her...

Fresh out of university herself, when Claire Lanh moved from California to Chesterfield Pennsylvania to fill the position of Professor of Philosophy at the prestigious St. Lucia University, she’d expected a fairytale ending in an Ivy League setting. What she wasn’t counting on was falling in love with her gorgeous student, and resident psychic, Daniel Kang.

Just twenty-three, Daniel is the son of a wealthy Korean Manufacturing Conglomerate, currently on the run from a mysterious team of government scientists who want to claim his unusual powers for their own. After his elder brother goes missing, he is whisked away to the United States where he is hidden in the quiet town of Chesterfield. He lives his life in relative peace, until an easily flustered, plus-sized, Blasian takes over his least favorite course.

No matter what she does, she can’t get Daniel to pay attention in her class and his troublemaking ways are making her already difficult job all that more treacherous. And once he volunteers to help her with her work after school, a whole new can of worms is opened. With her career on the line and his life in danger at every turn, can they learn to coexist? Can Claire resist the charms of the man that literally everyone wants, who will stop at nothing to have her? Or will a single bad grade destroy them both?

A.C. Greenlee's "Bad Grades" is a paranormal, romantic, blasian, comedy. Featuring a plus size blasian heroine and actor Park Bo Gum as the psychic Daniel Kang.