You are Mine: An Erotic Vampire Romance

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In this follow-up short story from author Ashlee Jay, a Vampire faces a tough decision and a ticked off girlfriend with a frying pan!

From the time he was a small boy, Israeli Vampire Dagan Haswari has been many things. Warrior. Hunter. Even a murderer. But never in all his life has he played significant other to a sassy southern woman with an attitude bigger than she is tall. After four solid months of being away, Dagan has returned to her small home in the heart of Tennessee to find that nothing about the woman has changed, except for her tolerance for his long absences and disappearing without a trace. While he hunts for revenge and the Vampire responsible for murdering his family and turning him into a blood-sucking demon, the woman he loves is left alone and unguarded.

Jennifer Hunt may have all the sass of a Texas rattlesnake, but she’s a woman just as deserving of love and tenderness as any other. An orphan herself, her world quickly comes to revolve around her Vampire boyfriend and the support they offer one another. But time is marching forward and with the threat of aging looming ever near she can’t keep waiting around for him forever.

With revenge on his mind and lust burning in his veins, Dagan has a tough decision to make once and for all. Will he have it in him to finally let go of the past? Or will his thirst ruin the only thing that has ever brought him joy?